Fall Nail Inspiration

It's fall y'all! That means pumpkins, leaves and ghosts! I am obsessed with holidays and the changing seasons. I'm down for any way I can make them feel more festive! Here are some of my favorite fun Autumn nail inspirations for you guys to browse. Which design is your favorite?


Elf Blush Review

Hey guys! I love almost all things Elf but today I wanted to highlight their blush. First Things First.... Why I Love Elf It's reasonably priced! I don't have the time or skill to apply makeup like a lot of you awesome girls do. I watch tutorials and can manage to pull off a look... Continue Reading →

San Francisco | 10 Things you should definitely see

Please check out dreamtravel2america for more travel related posts! Posts are well organized and have great photos! Happy reading!

Dream Travel 2 America

The city of the mist, the red bridge, the 43 hills, the pleasant neighborhoods, the steep streets, the cable trams and typical Victorian houses. According to many, San Francisco is the nicest and most beautiful city in the United States. 

If you make a round trip through West America or looking for a wonderful city trip, then this city may not be missing in your route or bucketlist. In this article you will find a lot of useful information that can help you in preparing for visiting this special city.

San Francisco

San Francisco is located directly on the Pacific Ocean in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area. Although the city is large in terms of sights, it covers only a small area due to its location on a peninsula. This makes it very easy to see a lot in a relatively short time. Here are 10 beautiful tips that you…

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Music To Add To Your Playlist

I absolutely love music but sometimes it can be hard to find some new songs to jam to. Creating radio stations based on artists you already love on Spotify or Google Play (or whatever app you may use) is a good start but sometimes that just puts you in an endless circle of repeats. Today... Continue Reading →

Actor Spotlight (Tom Cruise)

We're back with Actor Spotlight! Tom Cruise Fun facts 1. Born july 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York 2. Has running scenes in many of his films. 3. He does his own stunts, even the exceptionally dangerous ones. 4. He Once stopped to help a hit-and-run victim and paid her hospital bills. 5. Enjoys scuba... Continue Reading →

Actor Spotlight (Robert Redford)

Another actor spotlight for you guys! Robert Redford Fun Facts 1. Born august 18, 1936 in Santa Monica, California 2. Has been in eleven period films 3. Very close friends with Paul Newman 4. The only performance of his that he is satisfied with is The Sting 5. He loves to go fishing Why We... Continue Reading →

‘The Office’ Tv Show

Alright guys. I just need to get these four words off my chest. The. Office. Is. Awesome. Backstory Back in the day when I didn't have a soul, I thought Steve Carell was a bit too much. I simply couldn't relate to his humor and I saw him as a 'lame dad-like figure' and for... Continue Reading →

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