Mess-Free Coloring Review

Hello readers! My 16 month old daughter is beginning to get interested in drawing and coloring. When she sees someone with a pen, pencil (or anything in that catagory) she'll hold her hand out and say "Thank you" (which sounds more like "tank chu"). I've let her draw on paper with colored pencil and she... Continue Reading →

Is Online Shopping Taking Over?

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by. Today I wanted to talk about online shopping vs in store shopping. It seems more and more people are ordering things online opposed to going to actual stores and it's leaving me to wonder... Will physical stores begin to go out of business? Will we be left with nothing... Continue Reading →

Reoccurring Nightmare

Reoccuring Nightnare My feet drag along the pavement I can hear the scuff beneath my shoes I’m in the city of risk and regret Where the people have nothing to lose There’s sorrow in my neighbors’ shadows And passion in the city’s heat The faded colors arouse emotions And draw feelings from some place deep... Continue Reading →

Every Day Nail Designs

Hello guys! As I sit her with PAINTED nails I'm going to share with you some lovely designs I found online. I only wish I had the skill to do these myself. (If you read my post 'Mommy of Two Under Two' you'd know why my painted nails are so exciting) Some Of My Favorite... Continue Reading →

Fall Nail Inspiration

It's fall y'all! That means pumpkins, leaves and ghosts! I am obsessed with holidays and the changing seasons. I'm down for any way I can make them feel more festive! Here are some of my favorite fun Autumn nail inspirations for you guys to browse. Which design is your favorite?

Why I Love Pillows

Maybe you're thinking to yourself "what a boring title". But if you think about (I mean reeaallly think about it) you'll realize that there is absolutely nothing boring about pillows. To be honest, my sister asked me to do a post about pillows and while at first I thought 'what a silly topic' I quickly... Continue Reading →

Child Birth (What No One Talks About)

Hey guys! I'm currently waiting to be let into my six week postpardum appointment and I find myself reminiscing about my labor and after birth. I figured what a better topic to write about while the memories are flowing? Here goes.... 1. You'll Be Starving While You're In Labor Twelve+ hours not eating? Literally my... Continue Reading →

I’ve Reached 200 Followers

I'm super stoked that I now passed 200 Followers. The number may not be big in the grand scheme of blogging but I'm quite happy. To know that I, a stay-at-home mommy who writes in her scarce few moments of free time (usually with cheerios in her hair) can reach anyone outside of her small... Continue Reading →

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